Subrogation Recovery & Special Investigations Units

At AEU, we understand the importance of subrogation, and the financial impact it has on overall claims costs. Additionally, time is of the essence when investigating an incident and preserving evidence for subrogation.
Royce Ray, the director of AEU’s Subrogation Recovery Unit, is an attorney with over twenty years of experience in the area of personal injury law.  Royce is a Certified Subrogation Recovery Professional (CSRP). This designation is conferred by the National Association of Subrogation Professionals on individuals who possess substantial industry experience and pass the NASP comprehensive subrogation exam.
Royce reviews every open claim for subrogation potential and is available to travel to an accident scene when needed in order to assist in identifying subrogation opportunities. This includes interviewing witnesses, taking photographs and requesting that important evidence be secured and preserved.
Where subrogation is identified, Royce remains thoroughly involved until the claim resolves, including receipt of subrogation recovery dollars.
Royce’s focus is subrogation investigation, management and recovery and he aggressively fights to maximize recoveries. There is no additional cost for his services.
AEU’s Subrogation Recovery Unit is a dedicated unit which enables AEU to place a more direct focus on subrogation to further drive down claims costs and reduce premiums.
Royce A. Ray, III, JD, CSRP
Subrogation Recovery Unit
T: 251.690.4272
C: 251.377.5365
Identifying fraudulent claims is important to AEU and its insureds. Fraudulent claims unnecessarily inflate the cost of insurance. Our Special Investigations Unit is directed by an experienced attorney who assists your claims specialist in identifying fraudulent workers’ compensation claims.  When appropriate, referral to appropriate law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution is pursued.
Having an aggressive Special Investigations Unit enables AEU to further drive down claims costs and reduce premiums.
Contact your claims specialist or Royce Ray for further information.