AEU Safety Forum

AEU's Safety Committee is comprised of ALMA Member safety professionals and brokers who conduct business with AEU.  The Committee convenes the AEU Maritime Safety Forum twice yearly.  Due to increased attendance and the high level of interest among the Membership, this Maritime Forum has grown to become the premier meeting of safety professionals in the maritime industry.  The Forum addresses loss control and safety issues of vital importance to shipyards, stevedores, marine terminal operators, marine construction companies, and marine contractors of all kinds by providing presentations and demonstrations by experts, direct reports from Members, and of significant value, the opportunity for Members to meet and compare notes on problems and solutions of general interest.  Valuable loss control documents are produced through the efforts of the cargo handling and shipyard sub-committees.  The AEU Maritime Safety Forum now has an expanded claims component, dealing with the issues that arise in the handling of claims under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.